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The Nefzer MotionBase can be controlled in many ways to get the shot you need in the fastest, safest and most reliable way possible.


We can use your PreVis animations, import data directly from your animation program, record real world data or use a very sensitive and accurate remote control system. This gives you full control, allowing you to communicate directly with the MotionBase or fine tune any pre-programed movement.


Real world motion data can be collected from real life, in real time, in real locations. Once transferred into the system the motion and movements can be played back again and again, re-living every bump in the road, or turbulence in the air. The system is designed to make repeating shots simple, safe and reliable, the same movements every time.


Safety – Reliability – Speed


Safety is our number one concern when building the Nefzer MotionBase. We doubled the industrial safety standard to insure the protection of crew, actors and engineers working on or around the MotionBase. You can be confident that your actors will be in safe hands.


Reliability was our next concern. The ability to playback every motion, every time, with Swiss engineered precision and German industrial mechanics, the accuracy is second to none. The MotionBase control system is used by our Swiss partner company to assemble the AirBus A380, Boeing 747 and famous theme park rollercoasters, to the highest degree of accuracy imaginable.


Speed is a concern of all who use the MotionBase to capture their dream. Our system is designed to respond to changes lightning fast. Unlike other motion control systems, you don’t have to wait for changes in the program. We can modify the program as a whole or just an individual section of the movement, speed or duration and can be ready before your camera has warmed up. We take pride in building a system that fits within the tight schedule of a modern film set. Timing is everything.


The Nefzer MotionBase is modular, allowing for more axis, more control and more degrees of freedom. The standard hexapod 6 Axis version can hold up to 7 tons, and the 3 Axis up to 25 tons, however with a customized design we can support up to 100 tons. Our control system is also very versatile and can be extended to control remote camera heads, cranes and other devices used to mimic the realistic movement of vehicles or people.


For further information please contact us today using our Contact Form.


About The Nefzer MotionBase


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